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                     WHAT IS 

        PTC stands for paid to click. They are website for making money from internet just by clicking and watching advertisements placed on their sites by advertisers.
PTC sites act as a middle man or a bridge between advertisers and those seeking to make money by viewing those ads.

There is no work from home work w
hich is as easy as working on PTC sites.

I know you may be searching for website or programs where you can make money without investment. If that is what you are looking for then you are in the right place. In a few seconds from now you will be on your way to start working and making money from internet from 3 RECOMMENDED PTC sites.

Paid-to-click websites (PTC) are the simpliest make money programs on internet. They are so easy to do that a primary 1 pupil can work on them and make money.

                 WHY I LIKE
                  PTC SITES

1. They are free to join and make money, no investment required.

2. Anybody from any part of the world is free to join. There is no country restrictions.

3. PTC are the easiest way to make money from internet.

4. Many make money programs on internet offers only PayPal as the only means for their members to receive their earnings. 
This is not the case with PTC sites.

As a member of PTC sites you don't have to worry about payment as you can choose to be paid through: PayPal, payza, perfect money, bitcoin etc
 Now, it is time to start your journey of making money online from PTC sites. 

          There are many scam PTC sites all over the internet. These scam ptc sites will never pay even after making money with them.

  This is the reason I have selected 3 best and highest paying PTC sites for you here:
                          The 3 Recommended PTC sites are:


 This is a popular PTC sites where you can work and make money.

clixuniverse has many tasks and offers for  their members to complete and earn money.

They also have a  referral system which gives you up to 100%  commission from what ever your referral make for life. 


  Do you know that the secret to make a lot of money even more than $2500 every month is by renting referrals in clixuniverse

                             YES IT IS TRUE

Clixuniverse is a very good website to make money from internet by renting many referrals  for as low as $0.15  per rented referral and you will make a lot of money.

                          FOR   EXAMPLE
     You can upgrade your clixuniverse account with $5, rent  200 referrals and start making up $100 every month.
There are many people who are making up to $1000 monthly from clixuniverse just by renting referrals who click ads for them.  

   You can  rent up to 3000 to 5000 referrals in cliquesteria  and start making not less than $2500 every month  GUARANTED!



       Make money online from get paid.  This one is a gpt (get-paid-to) website where you can make a lot of money using your phone or computer by working few hours everyday. 
In get paid, there are three major ways to make money  and the are:

             1. EARN COIN
              2. WIN COIN
              3. MAKE REFERRALS

You can earn coins by completing offers, task and by doing online survey. These coin you earn will be converted to real money and you can make as much as $10 per day if you work hard in this website.

The second method of earning in get paid is by playing games and wining coin which can be converted to dollar

  Now, the 3rd way to make money from this site which I like most is  through referral. If you get other people to join get paid, you will earn commission from the money they make for ever.
    It is worth to mention here that this website offers the best referral program than any other gpt site  as you will get 30% from the earnings of those you invited in level 1 and 20% in level 2.  

 NOTE:  If you cannot do survey or perform some offers in this site, then the best option is for you to concentrate in getting referrals in this website so that they work for you and make you MONEY!


This is the PTC site I like. It is a very good earning site on internet. 
scarletclicks has been around since 2009 and this proves that it is a legit PTC site.

Just like cliquesteria and cliquebook,  the best way to make a lot of money easily in Scarletclick is through RENTED REFERRALS.  So make sure you rent referrals after you register in scarletclicks.


 If  you want to make good amount of money online let's say up to $2500 monthly, then make sure you join  these 3 websites I have listed.

Join them and start working hard to make good money from them. Be diligent, it pays don't relax.
Enjoy your money!

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Sunday, 25 March 2018


           HOW TO  MAKE
             MONEY ON

    Hi! Friends, I welcome everyone on board to this blog post. Here I shall be discussion the numerous Ways to make money on Facebook

We all know what Facebook is. Infant anyone who does not know what Facebook is  actually does not come online,  I mean that person does not browse the web.

For the benefit of doubt, Facebook is a social media, just like Twitter, WhatsApp etc. Among  all other social media, Facebook is the most popular.

    A large number of people use Facebook every day. Many people cannot do without Facebook to the extent that they are ready to stay chatting on Facebook through out the day.

A lot of people when they are less busy can login to Facebook and hook up with friends, family members etc. I personally login to Facebook during my leisure time.

    All these being said, it becomes normal for a wise person to meditate and consider whether there will be a way to make money from the same Facebook.

The answer is yes. There are many ways anyone who has a Facebook account can make money from Facebook.  I will only list them out here if you want to participate in any of them, you can explore it and start doing it.

 FACEBOOK PAGE: The best way to make money on Facebook is by creating a Facebook page describing the product or services you want to offer. In this way when people see it and are delighted in your offer, they will compensate you.

PRODUCT/SERVICE SALE: As the name implies, you can market your physical products and services on Facebook and when people request for it, you make money. For example, you can swap your old clothes, Game player, mobile phone etc for sale on Facebook.

AFFILIATE MARKETING:  In affiliate marketing, instead of selling your own products and services, you sell other people's product or services for a commission.  Examples of affiliate programs are: Amazon affiliate, click bank, jumia, konga etc

      OK let me explain some of them here in this blog posts

AMAZON AFFILIATES:  You and I know that amazon is an international e- commerce site ( ie an online store quit similar to offline stores for selling tangible goods and products like phones, game console, television sets, clothes, wears, shoes, ebooks and many more
You can buy the resell right of any of these products and start promoting them.

For the sake of time I did not include link to join amazon affiliate but if you want to join go to google and search it.

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Many people choose to create a separate website, design it and then use it solely for reviewing amazon products of their choice.
Though this method of creating websites for amazon products can be good.

   However, looking at it from another perspective you find out that it can be very challenging.
The reason why I said it can be challenging is because you need to have a good knowledge of SEO. This will enable you to effectivelly optimize the websites for search.

            HOW TO PROMOTE

 These are two most popular e- commerce websites  in Nigeria.
       They swap tangible products on their respective websites for sale at stipulated price tags.

You can promote jumia or konga through different ways.  The most common method which I personally use is social media promoting.

           WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA            

     Social media promotion is a phrase used to describe any form of advertisement performed on  social Media like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp etc
  When it comes to promoting jumia or konga, one can simply be posting jumia/ konga links on these social media to get targeted traffic.

               NOW IT IS
               YOUR TURN
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      Making money whether online or offline is not easy at all. Those who think otherwise are the same category of people who loose thousands of money on every scam they see. REMEMBER: IF you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  

               THE ROLE OF MONEY

           It is money that we are talking about be it Digital Money or non digital money money is money. What I mean by digital money here is electronic money or internet money. Contrary, the non digital money is the physical cash you have with you. 

Logically,  this is to say that digitally we can make money, and not just make penny but earn a lot of  money much more to enable us earn a living- pay house rent, pay children school fees, buy land, buy cars, make investments and many more.
   We all no that money is not the purpose of life but a way of achieving our purpose in life. For example,  You get a provisional admission into a particular high institution to study  one or two courses.  Now your goal is that one day you will graduate to become that which you studied get a job and probably start MAKING MONEY

    But do you know that you cannot achieve all these without money. So we need money to make money. The incredible thing about it is that until you find a sure-prove way to make money, you will continue to be stranded without making a dime from internet. There is nothing as sweet as making money from internet and I was doubting if I can really make anything bit of penny online but today the whole thing is now a history as I can now work and get paid from internet anywhere I am.

    There are so many reasons why you have not made any money from internet or haven't received a single payment from internet. This is because making money from internet is quite different from getting paid.
One can make a huge sum of money online but won't receive any money because he or she has been scammed. 

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If you search on internet on how to make money online, the search results you will see will surprise you.
 which surprise? you may ask, OK I will let the cat out of the bag now.... 

   There are many ways to work and make really good money from internet and this methods are scarce as many people will not like to show their money making ways to other people to start making money from internet like them.

  If you really want to make good money from internet, if  you want to work and get paid online then this post is for you. Follow my directives below to start making money online

                   MAKE MONEY ONLINE
                   1. YOUR MINDSET

Remember that no one can be what he is not in this  life without first having the mindset.
   No body will force you to decide on what you want to achieve. 
The point is that you must have the mindset to make money online before you will be able to make a dime online.

  Be opmistic, be creative and think positively in order to succeed online.


                MAKE MONEY ONLINE
                2.  BE HARDWORKING

   There is the famous saying that "Rome was not built in a day.
 The same thing is also applicable to online business as nothing good comes easy.  You need hard work to make money online.

                  MAKE MONEY ONLINE
                  3. BE CONSISTENT

   jack of all trades they say is the master of none. Never quit in your journey to make money online.
Continue to do it right and one day it will become fruitful.

                      NOW IT IS
                      YOUR TURN
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   Blogging just like any other life endeavour supposed to be taken to the next level and one effective method to achieve that is by submitting your blog to a popular search engine like google.

The reason why people don't see your blog posts is mainly because you have not submitted your blog to search engines like Google.

Why I said so is because the same thing happened to me I created a blog that stayed more than 6 months. Every time I will be writing posts on it yet it still receives zero page views every day.
This really annoyed me because to be I was just wasting my precious time writing blog posts which no body would see and appreciate by effort.
  Everything instantly changed after I searched on google "how to  get people to visit my blog". I simply applied one of the search results I saw to my blog and I started getting daily blog traffic.
  Now I want to reveal the same secret to you so that you apply it in your own blog and start getting people visiting your blog everyday.
  Before I show you the method, I want to explain something to you.


    There is what is called SITEMAP and CRAWLING. These two terms go hand in hand
SITEMAP has to do with  helping search engines to know your blog. That is revealing the analytical details of your blog including every URL in your blog. This help them to make your blog posts and pages visible to people when they make a search thereby bringing traffic to your blog. CRAWLING is a heading or title where you find SITEMAP and other webmaster tools to make your blog visible in search engine.

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As I said earlier, you must submit your blog to google in other to receive visitors to your blog when people search on google.
 To do so follow this step:
First go to google  and search " google webmaster". When it opens you have to create an account and add the URL you wish to crawl.
Secondly, while still on that google webmaster, click on CRAWL, under it click on SITEMAP.
 At the top right hand side you will see " add/test URL"
  Just copy the address below and paste it there:


  After that click on submit and  you are done submitting your blog to google webmaster to make your blog visible to people.
 Finally refresh the page and that's all.

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